What do clients say?

I have worked with a variety of clients on different topics, so I keep this page updated with testimonials and stories from my past work. These can give you another window into the kind of work I do, and how I approach each coaching engagement.  As I have said in other places, I take a multi-faceted approach. Though clients may decide to use similar tools or exercises, each one is treated uniquely. Follow the link on each case to read a personal testimonial of their experience.

Instructional Designer

  • This client’s goals were around identifying priorities as a leader and learning how to adapt to conflict and stress effectively. In the course of the engagement we conducted a 360 degree feedback and developed an action plan based on the results. The client walked away with a better understanding of their strengths, and a plan for identifying next steps in their career.

Organizational Design Professional

  • This client came into coaching with a goal of improving how she engaged others in team settings. After gathering feedback from others, we explored mental models and frames of reference. By the end of coaching, the client walked away with a set of conversational and reframing techniques.