Working with me

  1. I coach on the belief that you are a whole person. Even though we may be working on goals related to the workplace or career interests, we may do exercises that understand fulfillment and balance in all aspects of your life. We are whole people and transformation in one part of our lives trickles into all aspects of our lives. I like to think of this like dominoes. Once you push one, it triggers a chain reaction. Because everything is interconnected, this means that transformation in one area can impact other areas of life. This does not mean that we will necessarily explore home life issues if your goal is related to professional skills, but it does mean that we may look at aspects from the rest of your life to understand and gain perspective on your professional goal.
  2. Your goals are the focus. My approach to coaching may bring in different models or exercises, but those are only in service to your goals. Furthermore, it will always be up to you if those models or exercises are helpful. As I have mentioned elsewhere on this site, you are the director and source for your own change, which means you have the right to say we should or should not approach an issue any one particular way.
  3. I am not a doctor or expert. As mentioned before on this site, because the term “coach” has become relatively ubiquitous, people use it to mean a lot of different things. However, the field of professional coaching makes a clear distinction between teaching and coaching. In coaching my role is as a partner with you to help you identify the right approach and solutions to a situation. I am not here to provide the answers or push you to fit a particular style. One of the key outcomes of coaching is the development of resourcefulness.
  4. The coach and client relationship is paramount. Research shows that a relationship of trust and respect between the coach and client is the foundation for impactful coaching. What this mean is that we will spend time determining if I am a right fit for you, and if so ,understanding how to best work together. See my page on establishing fit for more on how we may go about this.